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Rotary Club Zagreb Medvedgrad

Members of Rotary Club Zagreb Medvedgrad, are committed to humanitarian work in line with principles of Rotary and also in accordance to their personal beliefs of service above self. The motto “Service above self” is derived from awareness that there is no guaranty of equal physical, psychological and social starting point for all people, and that the handicap can be found not only in individuals but also in circumstances. Altruism is a moral category which serves as a precondition for sustainable development of all people. We believe that humanitarian work takes place on two levels - local and global, respecting the highest ethical standards and employment of good will.

Service to the local community is directed towards the improvement of living conditions, health, education and alleviating poverty, and on the global level to promote peace and understanding amongst people.

Our work is focused on those who have an unequal position in our society, which may arise as a result of health issues or poverty. We take education as a core value of our work and focus on providing support to talented and aspiring youth whose families or communities are unable to support their progress.

We believe that, in addition to traditional circumstances which generate the need for humanitarian work, development of technology and communication shapes the contemporary world in a specific way. It integrates areas, societies and relationships into a unique global world. Without going into the assessment of globalization, we recognize the need for voluntary work within our own community. We want to help individuals to recognize issues specific to the modern world, to develop their individual abilities and to effectively participate in creating sustainable development.  

It is our belief that improving education, fighting all forms of inequality and building moral and intellectual abilities are the cornerstones for the overall welfare of society. As professionals we believe that progress, technology and development are generally useful. However, as intellectuals we can also perceive the dangers arising from the lack of control and uncritical management of the development processes.


Rotary klub Zagreb Medvedgrad, Mihanovićeva 1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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